Stability Balls

Despite the physical appearance of these devices, they are very effective strength training equipments.

Stability balls look like colourful beach balls but their functions are slightly more important; they can be used to strengthen the important core muscles of the body.

They are relatively inexpensive and can be adapted for many uses. However, in purchasing a stability ball, one will, more often than not need expert advice available on

The participant has to purchase a stability ball that is the right size and pressure to suit his or her needs.

Weighted Body Bars

Weighed body bars come in handy when a fitness instructor wishes to combine aerobic exercises with fitness training.

Weighted body bars are four feet long foam-covered weights that are often employed for use in gyms.

The weight of these body bars vary according to the strength and ability of the user.

Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are pretty much basic in appearance; just big elastic bands with varying degrees of tension.

However, by pulling against the resistance of the bands, one strengthens his or her upper-body muscles and  increases all-round endurance.

These bands are relatively easy to use and when one has a certain level of mastery, he or she can do the exercise just about anywhere.

As one’s strength increases, the resistance bands should give way to a stronger set.


Kettlebells originated from Russia.

The average kettlebell looks like a cannon ball with a handle. Kettlebells usually come in black colours but the colour scheme has now been extended to include yellow, red, blue and green.

A kettlebell training session involves full bodily rotation and thus, the user must have some degree of flexibility.

The kettlebell is designed to work all bodily muscles simultaneously.


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